Since 1999, Indigenous Link has focused exclusively on finding ways to reach and communicate effectively with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Peoples across Canada. Our suite of proprietary tools ensures the most comprehensive outreach to Indigenous Peoples by including those living in their Traditional Communities, and those who have relocated to other areas.

Indigenous Link provides Canadian employers with an opportunity to reach the underutilized talent pool of Indigenous peoples.  Indigenous Link also provides Indigenous peoples with access to job opportunities from a selection of Canadian companies that have demonstrated an inclusive organizational culture by actively recruiting, employing and retaining Indigenous employees.


Career Postings

An Careers.Indigenous.Link job posting is a cost-effective tactical solution used to fill specific career opportunities. Your posting will appear on the Careers.Indigenous.Link website for up to 180 days and is distributed through our network of social media connectors, SMS, and 1,000’s of e-subscribers.

$290 Each (volume pricing available)

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Banner Ad

A Careers.Indigenous.Link Banner Ad is an opportunity for the organization wanting a cost-effective online solution to promote specific initiatives. The 660 x 120 banner ad is positioned top, front, and centre of the featured posting page providing maximum visibility on Careers.Indigenous.Link.

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Virtual Career Fair Profile Page

Virtual Career Fair Profile Page on Careers.Indigenous.Link will increase visibility and enhance corporate brand awareness. This page is fully dedicated to the Employer and can include text, images, videos, and links to your career website. Additional pages can be added to support divisions, branches, franchisees, or multiple languages.

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Employment Agency Program

We have developed a wholesale reseller program for Agencies and Consultants.  Your postings will appear on the Careers.Indigenous.Link website for up to 180 days and is distributed through our network of social media connectors and 1,000’s of e-subscribers.

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Direct Communications

Indigenous Link establishes community presence for our partners through Direct Communications using our proprietary database of more than 28,000 urban, rural, and remote centres of influence where 1.5 million Indigenous Peoples work, live, learn, and play. Targeted, Regional or National ‘Preferred’ Direct Communications include a combination of direct facsimile, direct email, and direct mail to deliver your messages. Every message sent is delivered in the way each office has requested to receive it. This respectful approach to delivering your communications builds trust and ensures your messages are posted and distributed, increasing visibility and maximizing readership.

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Professional Services

Careers.Indigenous.Link provides a wide range of services to ensure your message and investment achieves your recruitment goals. Culturally sensitive ad design, strategic planning, project management, metric development, and IT services are available as required. Our job is to understand your recruitment goals and develop a solution that will meet your specific requirements. We help our partners build bridges to Canada’s Indigenous Peoples.

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Recruiter and Retention Training

These two ‘interactive’ 90-minute online workshops can accommodate up to 100 attendees. The recruiter training provides a fundamental understanding of Indigenous history and cultures that will clarify why you need to take a unique approach to recruiting indigenous employees. Our retention training focuses on what your organization can do to create an inclusive environment that fully-engages your Indigenous employees and sets the stage for meaningful and long-term careers. Recruiters that complete our training will discover practical strategies to find Indigenous candidates, engage them during the interview, uncover hidden skills and experience,  and build a foundation for long-term employee retention. The training also covers topics on how to engage Indigenous job seekers during the interview process, resume screening, employee retention, and how to develop good working relationships within the Indigenous community. Using actual case studies during our retention training, we will examine proven strategies and techniques that can help your organization retain Indigenous employees.

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Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach Service combines select outreach tools to engage Indigenous individuals in their Traditional (on-reserve), Cultural (off-reserve), and Virtual (online) communities across Canada. This tool can be used to enhance your community presence and encourage individuals to take-action. This solution is designed for organizations that do not require an annual program, but need occasional outreach for specific initiative.

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