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Barbara Bowes is an accomplished speaker, trainer, coach, writer and professional strategist/consultant. Barbara is also the President of Legacy Bowes Group, Winnipeg’s premier HR Solutions provider. Drawing from her wealth of personal and professional Human Resources experience, Barb offers a fresh perspective on workplace culture, leadership and career planning. She is pleased to be a partner with AboriginalCareers.ca.

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Barb is a weekly columnist for the Winnipeg Free Press and has been sharing insight on human resources, change management and career development for over 10 years. All of her articles are available online at winnipegfreepress.com.

Books by Barbara

Cracking the People Code

A practical roadmap to leading with influence

Get a copy of your new how-to leadership guide. It provides concrete, actionable advice that can transform your people challenges into high productivity teamwork. Whether you’re a new leader or looking for a fresh perspective on your current leadership role, this book will become a trusted resource.


Cracking the Management Code

A practical roadmap for first-time supervisors
This management-advice book is an invaluable resource for new supervisors. it offers strategies and tactics on overcoming the common challenges that managers face. Cracking the Management Code also feature a solution-oriented format that makes it quick to reference and comprehend. The ideas in this book have been shaped by Barbara Bowes’s years of experience leading a mid-sized consulting firm and providing leadership development, coaching and advice to hundreds of clients.

Résumé Rescue

A must-have for anyone serious about managing their career! What makes this book unique is the focus on specific skills which is useful for individuals who are interested in different positions using a comparable skill set. Barbara Bowes is President of Legacy Bowes Group and an authority on human resources. She is a Certified Management Consultant, (CMC), a Certified Human Resource Management Professional (CHRP- Fellow) and holds a Master of Administration in Education. She is a highly recognized career columnist and radio show host. She is a popular speaker able to inspire a variety of audiences, speaking on topics including human resources, career management, women in leadership and leadership effectiveness.

Taming the Workplace Tigers

For many of us, the environment we work in every day can feel like a jungle fraught with danger, pitfalls and calamity. Barbara Bowes knows this all too well and brings her wealth of experience and expertise to help you not only survive but thrive!



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