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Police Officer

Job IDE2-4B-7F-E7-FF-12
CompanyVancouver Police Department
ProvinceBritish Columbia
Date Posted2022-03-19
Posted Until2022-09-15
Job TypeFull-time
Job CategoryLaw Enforcement
There are people in the world who are excited to greet the day, and who look forward to whatever challenges it might bring. They return home at the end of the day, satisfied knowing that they have made a positive difference in the world, and in the lives of other human beings. And if those days are difficult, they have an extraordinary group of co-workers, pulling them through, lifting them up, and making the world right again.

The men and women of the VPD show up every day. They see hurting and suffering, and terrible injustice, but they also see the very best of the human spirit. They know that they are sometimes the only thing standing between life and death, and that they can affect an entire life by making an arrest, holding the hand of a frightened child, or deciding to take another look because something just doesn't feel right.

While there is a common bond among the people who choose policing as a profession, the members of the VPD come from very diverse backgrounds, all with different strengths and skills to offer. As the police department of a major port city, the VPD can provide many opportunities that other departments cannot. Your career path can be as unique as you.

Your workplace may be the streets of Vancouver or the water surrounding it, a local school or community policing center, at the end of a police dog leash or undercover in the drug world, at the helm of a boat or an armoured response vehicle, in a crime lab or in the online world, on horseback or motorcycle - the choices are many and no two days will ever look the same.

Police work is not without risk. While high-stress and risky situations are the exception rather than the rule, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Long periods of routine tasks can be suddenly interrupted by an urgent call requiring immediate intervention.

Today, VPD's recruits are better trained and equipped than they have ever been. That training, and experience, will help you evaluate situations to ensure an appropriate response. At times, you will deal with people who are intoxicated, high on drugs or mentally unstable and, on occasion, people may direct their hostility at you. Again, your training and experience will ensure you are able to respond professionally to any situation.

Remember, with these risks come rewards, although they can't all be measured in dollars and cents. Saving a life, making a difference, taking a criminal off the streets: these are your everyday rewards.
Start DateApril 2022 and September 2022
SalaryProbationary Constable - $77,983, 1st Class Constable (after 4 Years) - $111,709
Education RequirementsGrade 12 diploma or equivalent, plus a minimum of 30 academic post-secondary credits
Work SettingsVPD Patrol officers work shifts with four working days followed by four days off. Shifts are between 11 and 12 hours, depending on the shift, and are rotating, meaning you won't have to switch between days and nights in the same week. Instead, our officers work an entire week of the same shift, allowing your body to better adjust.

The majority of our officers work in partnerships, so you will often have a partner to work with. The strong bonds forged with your co-workers mean many of your workmates will become lifelong friends.
Additional Skills- A degree or diploma in any field of study
- Volunteer experience
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