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Job ID39854-5772
CompanyMcMaster University
Date Posted2021-07-26
Job TypeFull-time
Job CategoryEducation

Job Title: Director, OPHRDC
Department: Ontario Physician Human Resources Data Centre
Reports to: Chief Operating Officer, Faculty of Health Sciences

Department, Unit or Project Description:

Ontario Physician Human Resources Data Centre (OPHRDC) is fully funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and is based at McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences. OPHRDC is governed by, a Steering Committee comprised of representatives from partner organizations:  the Ontario Ministry of Health (MOH); the Ontario Medical Association (OMA); the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO); and the Council of Ontario Universities (COU) Council of Faculties of Medicine (COFM). The Centre is administratively accountable to the Office of the Dean and Vice-President of the Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University.

The Director, OPHRDC is responsible for the administration of the Centre and implementation of its strategic and operational plans. The Director is expected to maintain the OPHRDC’s excellent reputation, ensuring the Centre is a continuing strategic asset to McMaster and the OPHRDC partner organizations.

OPHRDC Purpose

The OPHRDC provides a resource of unified, credible and reliable physician and medical trainee information which is the foundation for physician human resource planning in Ontario. It produces a uniform source of information about the characteristics, distribution and workload of practicing physicians and postgraduate medical trainees in Ontario, and generates detailed annual reports that can be reviewed on our website:

OPHRDC Governance and Accountability

The OPHRDC is not incorporated and operates by consensus of its partners. In 2015, the Partners commissioned an external review of OPHRDC which led to development of a strategic plan, modified objectives, and an operational plan.

Job Summary:

The Director is responsible for maintaining the Centre’s excellent reputation, ensuring the Centre is a continuing asset to McMaster and the OPHRDC partner organizations. Key responsibilities include:

  • Manage all staff and operations of the Centre in a virtual work-from-home environment.
  • Identify, negotiate and leverage strategic opportunities and partnerships.
  • Negotiate funding and data‐sharing agreements and ensure the timely delivery of mandatory reports.


  • Provide advice on interpretation of information and analyses produced by OPHRDC.
  • Ensure a secure operating environment for the management of personal confidential information.



  • Master's Degree


  • Extensive (5 to 10 years) experience in planning, evaluation or administration of health service or program delivery.
  • Demonstrable leadership skills of a health sector team or unit.
  • Experience working with Government agencies.
  • Experience in collaborating and negotiating effectively with multiple organizations.
  • Comprehensive experience in data and information management.


  • Broad knowledge of the Ontario health system, and its policy and regulatory environment, including issues related to physician supply and distribution, scopes of practice, and the interrelationships among allied health professions.
  • Comprehensive understanding of medical practice in Ontario, including licensing and credentialing, clinical and non‐clinical work, referral processes and specialization.
  • Comprehensive understanding of medical education in Ontario, including undergraduate and postgraduate training.
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills including committee or workgroup leadership.
  • Understanding of privacy legislation and compliance requirements.
  • Expert knowledge of database architecture, data integration and database administration; working knowledge of research design and methodology.

Other/Work Remotely:

  • Ability to work alone and in a virtual team setting
  • A home based office with high speed internet

Leadership Effectiveness:

McMaster’s core leadership capabilities are designed to nurture employee engagement through best people practices. All leaders will demonstrate these Leadership Capabilities by: Taking a Strategic Approach; Communicating and Collaborating; Developing People; Investing in Relationships; Championing Change and Innovation; and Driving Results


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