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Information Technology (IT) Analyst

Job ID0D-43-00-65-91-E2
CompanyHighlight Motor Freight Inc
Date Posted2022-12-14
Posted Until2023-06-12
Job TypeFull-time
Job CategoryInformation Technology
Highlight Motor is in the process of implementing a facility construction project for our new large terminal which requires support with its network, systems, and other IT infrastructures. As the new Terminal nears completion, on site IT support is necessary including:

- Analysis, maintenance, and enhancement of propriety IT infrastructure;
- Identify, remediate and prevent Cybersecurity risks using ExtraHop Network Detection and Response (NDR) system, Firewall/OS logs and SentinelOne Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) System;
- Manage maintain and troubleshoot GoogleCloud Based Virtual Servers, Smartfleet and SmartLeasing Software, which are our unique in-house systems;
- Manage, maintain and troubleshoot Windows HyperV Servers including failover availability, Virtual machines, Domain Controller, File Server, Application Server and Terminal Server systems;
- Manage, maintain and troubleshoot Barracuda Email Gateway system;
- Manage, maintain and troubleshoot On premises and Cloud Backup systems;
- Manage, maintain and troubleshoot Ubuntu Linux Servers, MySQL server, and keep Databases in highest availability;
- Manage, maintain and troubleshoot the LOB Software DispatchMate;
- Evaluate, and develop information solutions, identify the risks for businesses workflow; and
- Analyzing human-IT processes and advise information technology strategies.
Start Dateas soon as possible
Salary$87,300 Per Year
Education Requirements Bachelor's degree in either computer science, computer systems engineering, software engineering, or a related discipline.
Experience - Minimum three years' experience as an IT analyst/system administrator;
- Demonstrated experience with Linux operating systems and servers;
- Proven experience with cyber security systems and software's, including ExtraHop NDR and Sentinel One EDR;
- Experience with MySQL servers;
- Understanding of security incident management, malware management and vulnerability management processes;
- Knowledge of cloud services; and
- Strong problem solving and analytical skills.

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